Luyện kỹ năng viết tiếng Anh với WhiteSmoke

Bạn đang học tiếng Anh và muốn luyện tập và nâng cao kỹ năng viết của mình? Công việc của bạn đòi hỏi phải viết tiếng Anh hằng ngày? Vậy WhiteSmoke sẽ là chương trình giúp bạn sửa các lỗi ngữ pháp, chính tả giúp bạn viết tiếng Anh tốt hơn.


Chương trình  có dung lượng 4.72MB, tương thích với tất cả các phiên bản của Window,  làm việc trên các ứng dụng như Word, Notepad, Internet Explorer, Firefox,Outlook… Bản dùng thử có thể tải về từ địa chỉ

Xem thêm hướng dẫn sử dụng tại đây :

Chức năng chính của chương trình: Phân tích cú pháp, sửa lỗi chính tả, sửa lỗi ngữ pháp (hỗ trợ hơn 65.000 lỗi), sửa lỗi ngắt câu, kết hợp tính từ và phó từ liên quan, liệt kê từ đồng nghĩa một cách linh hoạt, chương trình cung cấp hàng trăm mẫu văn bản có sẵn theo nhiều chủ đề khác nhau.

Khi bạn viết thư bằng Outlook hoặc dùng Webmail (yahoo, gmail…), hoặc dùng Word để soạn thảo văn bản, đánh dấu đoạn văn bản cần kiểm tra và ấn F2 chương trình chính sẽ xuất hiện.

Từ chương trình chính sẽ có các lựa chọn như sau :

Proof It : Cửa sổ này sẽ mở khi bạn đang soạn thảo văn bản từ ứng dụng khác và ấn F2, chương trình sẽ gạch chân những chỗ đề nghị sửa gồm màu xanh da trời, xanh lá cây, đỏ, bạn có thể sửa bằng cách kích chuột và chọn như chương trình đề nghị và ấn nút save để lưu lại hoặc không sửa.

Enrichment: Đề nghị sửa cho câu văn rõ ràng mạch lạc có màu xanh da trời.

Grammar: Lỗi ngữ pháp có màu xanh lá cây.

Spelling: Lỗi chính tả có màu đỏ.

Editor: Khi dùng chức năng này bạn có thể sửa văn bản của mình như chương trình đề nghị hoặc bỏ qua.

Dictionary: Từ điển để bạn tra từ

Template: Chứa những template về các chủ đề khác nhau cho bạn chọn.

Ask an Expert: Chức năng này giúp bạn liên lạc với chuyên gia trợ giúp bạn viết tiếng Anh theo nhiều lĩnh vực khác nhau:  tin học, y học, kinh doanh…

Undo Button: Khôi phục lại tình trạng trước đó.

Redo Button: Thi hành lại công việc bị hủy bỏ cuối cùng.

Next: Chuyển đến từ tiếp theo mà chương trình đề nghị sửa

Save: Lưu lại những thay đổi cho tài liệu của bạn, tài liệu này sẽ được lưu luôn vào chương trình soạn thảo mà bạn sử dụng (như Word, Outlook, Webmail)

Cancel: Đóng chương trình chính

Advance: Cho phép bạn thêm 1 cách làm việc với chương trình

Replace Word: Cho phép bạn lựa chọn danh sách các từ thay thế

Add To Word: Cho phép bạn chọn từ có thể chèn vào cho câu văn thêm phong phú

Change: Chấp nhận các từ mà chương trình đề nghị sửa.

Phần Setting cho phép bạn thiết lập lại các chức năng: có thể chọn F4, F6… để kích hoạt chương trình khi soạn thảo ở ứng dụng khác thay vì chọn F2.

Open Enrichment Dialog with Auto correct: cho phép tự động sửa lỗi trong cửa sổ Proof It.

Enable Enrichment on Ms Word: Cho phép làm việc trên Ms Word.

Show startup screen: Cho phép nạp khi khởi động.

Add signature to email: Thêm chữ ký vào email của bạn.

Theo ThanhNien

39 thoughts on “Luyện kỹ năng viết tiếng Anh với WhiteSmoke

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  2. I ‘m aVietnamese girl , I like to study English and Maybe , this programwill help me to improve my English writingskills .
    You can give me another topic so that you correct my English mistakes ,ok?
    Thanks for your help .

  3. I would like to study English but somtime I’m afraid of speaking English everyday. Firstly my intonation not well, and writing Enalish very hard for me, pls help me correct when I writing English and speaking.

    Best regards/ Phuong

  4. Hi Phuong,

    Beside English Assistance softwares like White Smoke above, there are many programs have checking spelling and grammar feature like MS Word, Firefox,… You can practice to write in those softwares: write and fix mistakes until there are no mistakes.
    That’s one of ways I used.

    Hope helpful!

  5. Hi Cuong
    I have known about software. I trialed White Smoke that is very perfect. You can give me crack it or another program similary utilies.
    I aam trailing to write by all my english word.

    Hope helpful???

  6. Hi ,Laituan cuong
    I stumble in your website by accident. I like it very much.I’m looling for the site on which I can prractise writting English to improve my writting skill because I have not been writting for a long time.Let me introduce myself.I’m 29 years olds and working in a hospital.Could I know something about you. Do you point me some website specializing in writting English.And more, I would like to write to you to to exchange ideas, hobbies ang life experience. Do you agree? Thank you ery much.
    Best regards.

  7. Hi ,Lai Tuan Cuong
    I stumble in your website by accident. I like it very much.I’m looking for the site on which I can practice writing English to improve my writing skill because I have not been writing for a long time.Let me introduce myself.I’m 29 years old and working in a hospital.Could I know something about you. Do you point me some website specializing in writing English.And more, I would like to write to you to to exchange ideas, hobbies and life experience. Do you agree? Thank you very much.
    Best regards.

  8. Hi Cuuong,
    I will appreciate if you could show me how to download VOA in your sites, dueing to being limited by ISP. I m therefore unable to download for listening and practicing.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.



  9. To hoang long: I’m sorry for replying so late cause i’m a little busy. Thanks for your comment and I hope my blog is useful for you.

    I often train my writing skill in my work and my study then I actually don’t know any good site can help us.

    Anyway, i’m very appreciate to sharing with you and other every interesting things in our life 🙂

  10. To Nguyen Luyen:
    If you are banned by ISP when accessing to VOA Special English website, you can access to this alternative website
    This is a Chinese website that retrieve and re-publish the latest VOA Special English articles that include audio and script also.

    More detail, please read the article below in my site

    Hope usefully!

  11. Chao anh Cuong
    Neu em muon su dung chuong trinh WhiteSmoke lau dai co phai tra tien khong vay? Lam sao mua duoc chuong trinh nay vay?
    Nho anh chi giup ha.
    Cam on anh nhieu.

  12. Tayninh23/12/2008
    Dear Miley Cyrus
    thanks for your letter, i am pleases to hear you had an enjoyable christmas
    do you want to know my life here?
    let me tell you , my house is in tay ninh , it is beauty country of VIet nam with paddys, famers and buffalos, all is friendly. there are four people in my family, we live in a small house but very lovely and comfotable, i can see view promantic and peaceful from my bedromm window. everyday i also go to school the same as you , it is 7 km from my house to school, it is hard for me to go to school by bike but very happy. what about you ? in my neighborhood, there is post office help me send letter to you my home there is Ba Den moutain, it is beautyfui moutain, my family sometimes go on in tet holiday, so i like it best, because it i fell cofotable when i go on it
    do you like it? i hope you will coming here
    write to me soon and do not forget to tell about your life

  13. I used to have hard time learning English too. However, I have tried hard until I became a teacher of English. Now I am living in the US not teaching anymore. I think if you guys need help, just email me your writing, and I’ll try to correct it as much as I can. Using software is a good alternative, but sometimes software is so robotic.

  14. Hi, everybody!
    My name’s Van. I’m studying in Ho Chi Minh University of Industry.
    Thanks to all of you.
    I am also try my best to learn English. So, this website is very useful to me.
    Thanks again!

  15. Hello eveybody!
    I am an officer, I like studying English very much, but I have much no time to study, my English writting skilling is very bad, I am writting this comments but I don’t certain if it have wrong about grammer.hihihi, Please help

  16. hi everybody! my name is son, im from ha nam. that is a northern province of viet nam. do you know it. my hometown is till poor but people here are very house is near a river, its name chau giang river. when im lonely I miss family and my brother because im away from my hometown. now i live and work in vung tau . im a worker in vietsovpetro join venture. i live alone so i need frends to share happiness and badly. please contac to me via nickname ” anhmaiyeuemvn1986”. hope see you soon.

    • hiihih . my name is cam. i was born in viet nam. i love my country so much. my hobby is to reading funny book and magazine every day. now it is the best time to join with white smoke which will enhance my english quickly. anyway, i appreciate with sharing you who can correct my errors that i could not find them by myself.

  17. Hey everybody! My name is Loan. iam 29 yr. i come from Quang nam province, that is middle area of VN. Do you know Quang nam province has two cutural heritage on the world, there are Hoi An capital and My Son tower.I want join forum practic writting skill english. Thanks to all of you.
    Pls help me!!! my nick hoasua2004

  18. hi everybody
    im Giang and i like learning egnlish very much. But my english skil is also bad. So i want to join forum in order to impsrive my english skill..i wish get your help!
    thank you very much!

  19. I want to speak English well so I think I should write well firstly. Everyday I write an essay to check my gammar and my vocabullary. I find this progam nearly, I hope i can improve my English when prticipating this program. I want to ask which program I can pratice listening and reading.

  20. hello,my name is hen from to bacninh.I’m a student frist year of the Ha Noi open University.
    Ha Noi open University always create all conditions for poeple have needs learning and training, with teachers enthusiasm in the work teaching, the students enthusiastically in active the union as well as social activities,so I chose the Ha Noi open University to learning and training

  21. Hi everybody,
    I’m Viet, i’m living in HCM city, i’m an assessor so i have to write report in English, but now my English is terribly and i want to improve writing skill too. anyone who have same idea with me please contact then we can discuss how to practice English.

  22. Hi My friends !

    My name is Quoc Ty, I’m from Ho Chi Minh City, I’m working at SAVINA. My job is maintenance and Inovation. So i need to skill about English . But i saw myself was bad with learn English .

    As you knew, The English is importance for the job, the life…and nowday, we need to communicate with all people on the world for growing and upgrading our life .If we did not know English, we will meet many difficult .

    I hope to pass this web, we can study more engish skill, help to make report for our job…

    I think everybody same me, very like and love English language because it very good. I hope it will hepl you successful on your life.

    Thank you for your comment for my comment.

    I write very bad. i need to help ..!!

    Good bye and good luck to you !!

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